MRRF 2019

1st time going to MRRF (Midwest RepRap Festival), We had enjoyed going to it. I had meet and talked briefly with few well known content creators.

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
  • 3D Printing Nerd
  • Nerys
  • Ben Heck

I had gotten a few sample filaments to try and will be making the Sample Spool by Nerys ( relatively soon

  • Filament PM: MARRBLEJet
    • Figured this would be a good one for Statue Art pieces
  • Carbon Fiber Extreme from Atomic Filament
  • Glass Fiber Nylon from FiberForce Italy
  • Filament PM: RUBBERJet 88Blue
  • Filament PM: GLOWJet

I was always curious on how the fiber and rubber based filaments quality would work with my printers. Proto-Pasta metal infused filaments are another type to try out sometime this year. Since I don’t have any harden heads for these abrasive filaments, we’ll just sacrifice my brass ones and get them replaced after tinkering.

3D Gloop and their latest project Glooped! was interesting. 3D gloop is basically a stronger superglue for PLA and ABS prints. Meanwhile Glooped! is a primer layer to be applied on top of any print to smooth layer lines and chemically bonded to the plastic. I had picked up a small tube of 3D Gloop to try it out on a few prints. Glooped! as far as we know isn’t available yet.

The following things that I think could make MRRF better:

  • Larger area
    • The walking paths were often narrow and crowded which made it hard to move between booths
  • Map layout and defining table areas
    • Reduce the need to bring cards and a quick reference for all of us of where certain booths are

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