Exploring Voron 2.x Mods: StealthChanger & Tapchanger

Welcome back, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the Voron 2.x Mod known as StealthChanger—an evolving toolchanger modification from the Tapchanger. Currently a work in progress, the StealthChanger sets itself apart by opting for bushings and pins instead of the conventional bearings. In this brief exploration, we’ll highlight their unique design and the potential it holds for reshaping the capabilities of Voron 2.x models.

The StealthChanger introduces a unique perspective on toolchanger capabilities for Voron 2.x models by replacing the bearings of the Tapchanger with bushings and pins. This departure is anticipated to yield advantages such as reduced friction and smoother movements while reducing weight. While still in the works, the mod’s innovative design is being closely monitored by the Voron community, eager to witness its promise of enhanced durability and robustness while simple in design.

StealthChanger Printed Parts (Dragonburner) by ZombieHedgehog
TapChanger Mechanism

Crucially, it’s worth noting that the StealthChanger is a work in progress. As is customary with developing technology, refinements may be needed before it reaches its full potential. Currently, compatibility extends only to the standard Stealth Burner tool, with plans to incorporate Mini Stealth Burner, Dragon Burner, and XOL tools in the future. For now, StealthChanger docks and klipper config are sourced from the Tapchanger repository until StealthChanger establishes its own. The Voron community actively participates in the evolution of this mod, contributing valuable feedback to enhance its functionality.

Tapchanger on the other-hand is stable at revision 3.1. It can fit 6 Dragon Burner toolheads on a 350mm Voron frame. Though the normal stealthburner toolhead can still be used, limiting number of toolheads. Through multiple subtypes exist, each one provides different rigidness, but trades off assembly difficulty. The plate type is very rigid compared to rods version, while square rods are in-between. Plate type will require more work to assemble in comparison to the others.

Tapchanger versions: Plates, Rods, & Square Rods

In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, Voron’s StealthChanger & Tapchanger mods introduces a fresh perspective on toolchanger capabilities. With its departure from bearing designs and ongoing development, it holds the potential to redefine how Toolchangers handle tool changes. For enthusiasts, staying tuned to the StealthChanger’s progress promises an exciting journey filled with anticipation. Welcome to the next phase of Voron innovation!

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