Recommended Tools/Supplies/Links

Welcome to my list on recommended tools/supplies/links!

None of these are paid promotion but have been used extensively and bought with my own money. This page will update overtime.

3D Printing

External Resources

Klipper Macros


Lightburn –


  • Feeler Gauge (Metric & Imperial)
  • 2x 1″-2″-3″ or 25-50-75mm Machinist Blocks – for bed slingers with single z motor for calibration.
  • 6″ and 12″ Digital Caliper, preferably one with 0.2mm max tolerance or less

Printing tools

  • Deburring Tool
  • 3D printed plastic scraper (avoid damage to bed plate)

Printed Part Assembly

  • M2, M2.5, M3, M4 screws – Recommend Hex Socket, Flat, and Pan Head
  • Heat Set Inserts – M2-M3 size – (<><> pattern threads are better than //// or ||||) – Avoid |||| thread pattern

Cable Crimping

For those whom build their own 3D printers, cable crimping is pretty common if there isn’t pre-made cable kits available. These tools have worked very well for the job.


  • IWISS IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin (32-20AWG) Ratcheting Crimper
  • Engineers Precision Crimping Pliers PA-09 (32-20AWG)
  • Ferrule Ratchet Crimper

Wire Strippers

  • Knoweasy-Wire-Stripper-0-03mm²-10mm²-Professionals
  • Capri Tools 20011 Automatic Wire Stripper

Typical Connectors

  • IDC Connectors for Flat Ribbon Cable
  • Ferrules (7-26 AWG)
  • JST-XH Connectors (2.54mm pitch & 2-6 pin housing)
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